Tuesday, August 22, 2012 at 7:05pm

About the New Album: "The Hound & The Hare"

The album is done. Some of these songs are old -- from college -- and some are brand new. I am thrilled with how it's sounding, however last night I awoke at 4 AM stressing about the release. Oddly, I found myself comforted by the knowledge that it's out of my hands. I must surrender all illusion of control, do what I must, and see how the cards fall. No matter what, I will be okay. Life has a way of providing and sheltering me from the greatest of harms.

But enough about me. Let me tell you about the album. I'll offer thirteen sentences; one sentence per song.

1) "Gabriel" was written as a birthday gift to a friend.

2) The chorus for "Miss Comfortable" came to me when I was driving home from a restaurant gig, gloating over the fact that I actually made money and then mocking myself for glorifying wealth.

3) My man came up with the chords to "Modern Man" when he decide to create an impromptu guitar progression in my honor, and I ran with it.

4) "On the Edge of a Dime" was written my final year of college and completed during my first year of freedom, as I gazed into my seemingly hopeless future and laughed.

5) The song "Carolina" communicates a message that my 17-year-old former self needed to hear, and I wrote it for her, albeit a few years late.

6) I never felt like my composition style was fully understood in college, and the determination that pushed me to complete my music degree was captured in "Tough Cookies."

7) "Icebreakers" was written right after the great Northeast Blackout of 2003, a time when I happened to feel very powerless for my own reasons.

8) Though the themes of fear of change and indecision are clear in "Endless Hallways," the exact subject matter is vague because it's actually about multiple matters, all weighing on my mind simultaneously.

9) After writing "Blink" I set it aside for many years -- it pained me too much to play -- and I consequently forgot and had to rewrite the ending.

10) Chase Mountain is the name of the mountain I grew up on, and the melody for its lullaby came to me as I contemplated the arrival of my newborn nephew.

11) "Tired of Silence" is the type of song that might come out of a woman who, as a little girl, had among her long list of imaginary friends a bag of cotton, a withered zucchini, and a crumpled leaf.

12) When I finished writing "Closed Eyes," I bowed my head and cried; it was perfect.

13) The melody for "True Love" came to me in a dream, a dream that forced me out of bed and down to the piano to capture ghosts.