Friday, September 21, 2012 at 8:12am

main image We all connect to the story format, because our lives feel to us to be one, long narrative wherein we are the struggling protagonist whose purpose and fate are unclear. The classic story format steps in where the narrative of life fails, providing a sense of meaning and direction.

Stories comfort us by demonstrating how we are not alone in our struggles.
Stories teach us lessons and give us insight into the narratives we are living.
And the most powerful story reveals the beauty in human vulnerability and strength; it draws us closer to recognizing that beauty in ourselves.

Is it by chance that the world's wisest men are said to talk in parables? Is it mere coincidence that our own minds speak to us in story in our sleep? I think not. I would argue that story is not only the most powerful format known to man, but the native tongue of humanity's collective unconscious.