Friday, November 9, 2012 at 1:40 PM

Yesterday, a fan who was planning on performing "The Chandelier" at her church emailed me a question: "[C]an you tell me what you were thinking / feeling when you wrote that song, or what you intended it to 'be about'? I don't know if I've quite grasped all the layers of it."

I always jump at the chance to explain my thoughts and feelings behind a song, though this one was a challenge; it has a degree of subtlety to it. Here's how I finally responded:

"I guess it is about ... embracing the beauty in any given moment and cherishing what's truly important in the face of the evanescence of life. Nothing lasts, but that's what makes it so worth cherishing... Simultaneously, it's about acknowledging that, with every death, there comes a rebirth -- and this is a beautiful opportunity!

"It's also about turning our eyes toward and celebrating love and beauty in defiance of a reality that surrounds us with reminders of mortality, grief, and darkness. We as a people come together in our yearly traditions to vitalize that spirit of courage and compassion. In doing so, for a brief time, we all glow like candles in a world so desperate for illumination. That is the power of the human spirit; it is perhaps what makes us most beautiful....

"Oh. One more thing: the glow of the candles in the chandelier represents the dream of a world that lives forever. It is perfection/heaven, and our longing for it."

Anyway, just thought I'd share my response here, in case any one else was curious about the song's deeper meaning!