Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 12:30pm

I've been sending a lot of emails lately about "The Chandelier" and the fundraiser I'm currently running. It's always a challenge to tell my story in a succinct fashion, but I must do so; no one wants to read a novel about someone they barely know.

I'm only just getting started toward my musical goals, but already I feel like I'm making up a story about who I am. I suppose that's the consequence of telling the same story again and again. It's like a dream that you paraphrase so many times -- skipping the boring or indescribable details -- that after a while you develop a whole new way of imagining it that matches more what you guess is the other person's mental image of the dream. Does that make sense?

I am originally a shy, introverted girl from the backwoods. I do care about making the world a better place. Although all I've said is true, I still feel like I'm holding up a pretty little mask to hide behind. Is it impossible to feel genuine in this business? I wonder....