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"The Hound & The Hare" Set for Release on 9/25/12!

As promised, Kara's coming out with a full album, "The Hound & The Hare," to be available online on Tuesday, September 25, 2012. Sample songs & pre-order the album here.   [Read more]

Introducing Kara Luna Crafts!
June 13, 2012
Kara has opened an Etsy store called "Kara Luna" to help fund her newest album. Featuring a mix of arm warmers, headbands, eco-friendly bags, and more, this store has that characteristic "Kara" playfulness, whimsical creativity, and earth-centeredness. Curious to see what oddities she's contrived? Please visit the shop at karaluna.com.

Kara Releases Christmas Single: "The Chandelier"

main imageThough Kara has never ascribed to a specific dogma, her favorite Christmas songs as a child were those that were more religious by nature; they struck her as undeniably more poignant and passionate. Last Christmas it troubled her that the more secular Christmas songs she heard on the radio didn't carry the same kind of weight.   [Read more]

Album #1 Goes on Sale! ... Permanently

main imageBack in the day, the going rate for Kara's self-titled debut album was $11.99. In response to current trends, however, she has dropped the price. On Nimbit, you can now download a complete digital copy of her album for only $7.99! "Of course, if you want to give me more money, I won't turn it down," adds Kara with a playful grin.

"The Hound & The Hare" Profits Charity Causes

main image Kara McGraw's "The Hound & The Hare" (released 9/25) is raising funds for 13 charities in a span of 13 weeks. Follow Kara on Facebook for weekly updates on what song is going to what charity so you can purchase for a good cause!   [Read more]