Kara Releases Christmas Single: "The Chandelier"

main imageThough Kara has never ascribed to a specific dogma, her favorite Christmas songs as a child were those that were more religious by nature; they struck her as undeniably more poignant and passionate. Last Christmas it troubled her that the more secular Christmas songs she heard on the radio didn't carry the same kind of weight.

"I wanted a song that really captured what Christmas means to someone like me, who is very spiritual, but not necessarily religious," she explains. "And I wanted a song that doesn't gloss over the dark stuff, but instead unravels the beauty of the complete picture."

That evening Kara sat down and wrote "The Chandelier," a song about finding strength, hope, and joy in the face of change and mortality. Her hope is that this song will touch and inspire people of all backgrounds this Christmas.

100% of the profits from any sales made before Jan 1, 2012 will go to small local farmers in Vermont, to help them recover from the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Irene.

Download "The Chandelier" now, and please considering donating.