"Haunting and uplifting at once, McGraw’s pop song pierces the shell of cynicism with its message of dignity." ~ SSG Music

"The compositions that make up the album are uplifting, haunting and reflective songs with theatrical leanings. All of them are vivid enough to conjure images of costumes and spotlights, musical arrangements that have an apparent affinity to be choreographed and then played out on stage." ~ Liquid Hip

"This is an unusual album. Not only does it mimic the A and B sides of vinyl, but it ranges across a lot of genres... so effortlessly and flawlessly. That's one of the things that makes this album so appealing." ~ Patrick O'Heffernan, The Fairness Doctrine

"The incredibly rich arrangements and orchestration never overwhelm the melodic drive, never move us too far from the girl and her piano.... McGraw has fashioned a pop album that feels timeless, it could have been dreamed up when ‘Singing In The Rain’ was huge, or selections from this could drive the latest episode of Glee with ease." ~ The NBT Review

"[I]t’s refreshing that someone is still operating with real heart, about real issues.... Very few artists out there can make solidarity through sound seem so effortless, to use their art as a catalyst for healing rather than one for pure profit." ~ This Song Starts a Craze

"I absolutely admire her new album 'The Hound & The Hare'..... Kara’s an excellent musician – in a very similar vein to Vienna Teng." ~ Higher Plane Music

"[T]he lyrics are contemplative and happy in a sort of solemn way... and it's absolutely beautiful." ~ Cerebral Pop

"Love it! Great voice too. Keep it coming, Kara!" ~ Radio Orphans Podcast, episode #337